Training for trainers under the Dreams and Teams programme, Berkovitsa, 29 -31 July 2009

The training took place in Berkovitsa on Paul Evans’ and municipality Berkovitsa’s request with British Council’s support. The aim of the training was to provide the participants with a wider range of interactive techniques and skills for running trainers for young leaders.

Among the 9 participants in the training were physical education tutors, headteachers, deputy headteachers and municipality Berkovitsa’s PR.
Below is a list of the names and contact details of the participants. All participants took an active part and some discovered new, useful and interesting techniques they would use, while others felt insecure about the different approach to young people. Everybody demonstrated readiness to continue developing and accepting it and for some it will take longer for taking the decision or for accepting and trying out the interactive techniques from the leadership programme.

The training took place with the exceptional support of municipality Berkovitsa represented by Milena Sergeeva and Hristo Smirnenski 2nd school, whose headteacher is Tsvetana Petkova; she took part in the training and accepted the programme to be used in the school she is in charge of.

The group of developing trainers would like to continue developing the leadership programme in schools in Berkovitsa as a freely-electable subject. To complete their training as national trainers, the developing trainers will organise and run a training for young leaders in Berkovitsa under the mentorship of a leading trainer. The dates of this training as well as the financial aspect of the matter are subject to negotiation among all sides involved in the training.

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