Together in One Team, Together to the Dream

That was the slogan of the International Festival for children with and without disabilities, organised by Dreams and Teams Bulgaria. The festival took place on 25th March at Triaditza Sports Hall in Sofia. It was planned and conducted by Bulgarian and English teenage volunteers who worked in collaboration to invent new and interesting games, adapted for children with disabilities. We wish to thank our British guests from the Palatine sports college at Blackpool and, once again, to thank our precious group of volunteers from our three partner high schools in Sofia.

The games at the festival were adapted to the needs and interests of all participants. The kids with disabilities had no difficulties participating in the activities because the games stressed on the team spirit and collaboration. So, children were not so much concerned with the differences they had with one another but, rather, with their common goal to follow the rules of the game and score best.

The festival was organised with the kind support of the British Council, Sofia, Sofiyska voda AD, Ecobulpack AD, Nestle Bulgaria, Coca-Cola, and Rugby ClubMurphy’sMisfits.

But, above all, the festival would never be without the dedicated work and great enthusiasm of all the volunteers who organised not only the games but the whole festival in all its details.

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