Dreams and Teams Bulgaria, 15-19 July 2009, Kovatchevtsi village

Topics: „Leadership and tolerance through sport” – a seminar for national trainers
„Dreams and Teams Club” – a seminar for leaders of Dreams and Teams club activities for young leaders
„Teamwork” – a practical seminar for volunteers and young leaders from ’’Dreams and Teams – Bulgaria”

The first stage of the seminar took place on 15 and 16 July and was designed to target national trainers in Bulgaria with regard to their future professional career in the area of interactive trainings under the Dreams and Teams programme.

The second stage of the seminar took place on 17 and 18 July and was aimed at discussing and taking decisions about club activities trainings.

The discussions were related to the partnership between the organisation, the school and the club, how to establish this tripartite relationship; how to coordinate the activities of the club and to guarantee the proactive initiative of young leaders. The establishment of the club is a natural continuation of the leadership programme after the young people have been through the training for Young leaders. If the want to continue developing and build on their knowledge, the club is the ideal place where they can have training that helps them build on skills and knowledge they already have and where they will be able to practice what they have learnt in a safe environment.

We aimed at running two build-on trainings for club activities designed for young leaders that have already been trained, as well as establishing 5 clubs (4 in Sofia (in School 28, School 119, School 81 and Louis Braille School) and one in Varna ( Dr. Ivan Shishmanov School). The dates for the two build-on trainings for trained young leaders in Sofia and Varna will be finalised by the end of August and the trainings will take place by the end of October.

The last seminar – on 18 and 19 July – had 16 participants who were volunteers and young leaders in the organisation. Some of them had the task to organise games and activities for another part of the group. The team of trainers organised games for team-working, problem-solving, for young people’s attention and trust, and with these they developed relations as a team at a higher level.

This was an opportunity for the young people to get together since everyone is involved in the activities of the organisation but nobody has worked with everyone else so far.

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