Enjoy the Games! Familathlon 2011 – Sofia, Bulgaria

“Dreams and Teams Bulgaria will join the initiative of the Parents Association for the third time. This year we will play funny and educational games with children and parents during the annual celebration of family – Familatlon.

On 14 May 2011. (Saturday)  from 10.30 to 16 hours in South Park, Sofia, all children will have the opportunity to spend a day with their parents, participating in “Familatlon – games and entertainment for the whole family. The event is held with the Association “Sport for All and supported by the Sofia Municipality.

Ropes Garden, made by Outward Bound BulgariaThe main idea of ​​the event is that sport is a very important tool for strengthening health and family relationships. That is why “Familatlon” will give kids a chance to test their abilities in sports and leisure activities such as: badminton, softball, capoeira, aikido, Paneurhythmy skates, karate, family games, robotics, kitchen, art studios, endless reading climbing, petanque, rugby, acrobatic rock and roll, taekwondo and many more exotic and dynamic games.

During the “Familatlon” more than 20 organizations will have the opportunity to present their activities in practice to the visitors of the park.

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