Training – Project Management, 14 – 15 May 2011, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria

A second training courses in project “Connected Classrooms”, called “Project Management ” will be held on 14-15 May 2011. Participants are students aged 12-17 years from 5 schools in Dimitrovgrad and the region who have joined voluntarily in the project “Connected Classrooms”.

Young people have gone through an Introductory course which gave them a chance to meet with other students from Vidin, also participating in the project to speak about future projects and to gain more knowledge for the project “Connected Classrooms”.

On 14 and 15 May 2011 in Vidin and Dimitrovgrad we will organize a training course for participants in the project, which will end with the allocation of roles and responsibilities among the youth in their chosen project. Until now discussing ideas such as representation of a traditional Gypsy wedding, building a playground in the park, cleaning the riverside promenade in Vidin, hiking in the mountains with children from homes and others.

More information about the Future projects – after the training.

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